Guqin is a chinese traditional instrument with more than 3000 years history. But it difficult for those people who don’t speak Chinese to study Guqin, because the notation system is in Chinese characters which is called JianZiPu(减字谱) in chinese. That means, you can’t read the notation unless you can read chinese.

In order to help people could learn Guqin more easily.

Guqin Tablature

Guqin Finger Techniques

Foundation Techniques

Right Hand Techniques

Pluck the string with four fingers of right hand, thumb finger, index finger, middle finger, ring finger.  Only little finger is not used when playing Guqin, we also called little finger as forbidden finger. Although little finger is not used, but we need to keep it straight while playing Guqin to help other four fingers.

We called the direction as “in” while pluck the string toward our body, and “out” while pluck the string toward the “Hui”.

So with four fingers and two directions, we have eight basic finger techniques.

Thumb pluck in “Bo”(擘)

Thumb pluck out “Tuo”(托)

Index finger pluck in Mo(抹)

Index finger pluck out Tiao(挑)

Middle finger pluck in Gou(勾)

Middle finger pluck out Ti(剔)

Ring finger pluck in Gou(打)

Ring finger pluck out Ti(摘)

The Art of Making Guqin